Vama Veche, nostalgia town

Vama Veche, nostalgia town

DSCN4579Vama Veche, nostalgia town

Last time I went to Vama Veche it was about 7 years ago. Vama Veche, for Romanian people is that little resort-village down south on the coastline, just next to the Bulgarian border, where all the hippies and free spirited people go to spend their lazy summers relaxing at the beach, drinking too much alcohol, where people in colorful clothes and no inhibitions dance all…

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Maloviste, Macedonia - photo essay

Maloviste, Macedonia – photo essay

As I was mentioning briefly in my post last week about the adventures David and I had on our first Balkan Tour, one of the stops along the way was Maloviste, the Macedonian village where my family originated from before settling in Romania.

This village is located at about 20-30 minutes away from Bitola, a town in the south of Macedonia and it is the only village situated in the heart of the…

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A Balkan Tour - the adventures

A Balkan Tour – the adventures

We arrived back yesterday morning, exhausted but very excited after taking our first tour throughout the Balkans. Getting a chance to take some time off for Easter, we decided to start exploring the ex-Yugoslavian countries, for which we developed an increasing curiosity, as we have lived for the last half a year in Romania, so right next to them and neither of us had ever visited there before.


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Sighișoara, Romania - interesting facts

Sighișoara, Romania – interesting facts


View over the citadel of Sighisoara from the top of the Clock Tower

About a week ago I was off on a trip to the Transylvanian region of Brașov-Sighișoara. This area is by far the most popular region with tourist in Romania, after the capital of Bucharest, due to its medieval Germanic origins and the association with the myth of Dracula, which is oh so popular nowadays. This was my second visit to…

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Back to Vienna

Back to Vienna

Back in the summer of 2009 I had just finished the first year studying for my master’s degree, I had also just quit my first job, I was 22 and ready to start traveling. Together with two of my friends, we packed up, got on a bus taking a 26 hours ride and went on a one-week adventure to the city of Vienna. Now, almost 5 years later, I am to return to the spectacular former home of the Habsburgs.…

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